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When he's had his meds he's built himself a routine and now he's sticking to it. That's how I was flying by the seat of my pants until I got diagnosed. It's a cute little organized notebook from the dollar store. I'm sure I forgot something, but also didn't want to write a wall of text. Still fighting depression and anxiety. Thanks for the Forest recommendation ! (Currently writing this sitting on top of a pile of clothes that need to be put in the correct drawers but i can't get it done.). 1.1429... this is coming from a kid that missed being in gifted classes (when I was younger) by a few IQ points... it doesn't help my self esteem or my motivation, I have 4 missing assignments that I have to do for AP Spanish that I didn't even know I have, and I have a D in that class (I'm fluent in Spanish, I speak it, my parents speak it.) I also just let myself do what I feel like I need to do to pay attention. Did you get help from a therapist? Added back in Adderall, and have been on it for about a week. Advocates for marijuana as an ADHD treatment … Recently, several techniques have been developed in schools and homes to help children with ADHD behave and perform better without medication. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sometimes I feel pretty alone on this sub 'cause of that, so I'm asking just to feel less alone haha. Always have a tie and lanyard+ID in my bag (work uniform). Its always on me (at my desk, bedside table, purse) and I forced the habit of writing everything down. And even if you can’t record everything everywhere, as long as it gets added somewhere you keep your bases covered. The first time I started taking medication for ADHD was nearly 15 years ago.. Ultimately, I drive my husband crazy. without a mission. Social circumstances, emotional traumas and food allergies may be dismissed as “chemical imbalances”. This is hard, and it's easy to be like "oh, I'm so lazy for not being able to do things people without ADHD can do". ADHD is commonly treate… Third: I’ve accepted that no matter how many lists, plans, or reminders I have, I’m still going to fuck up once in a while. Better an ADHD brain than no brain at all. I have not tried the slow cooker strat you've got going on, might have to try that one... Nutrition-wise my best strategy is "trading": When I want junk food I consider what else I could spend that money on. -Horribly -I'm not managing -Medication turns me into a zombie. Use pill containers. Now I put literally everything in my phone. For most people who have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD), medication is a fact of life. I do have a great therapist. 4. My slow Conner has been so wonderful for simplifying cooking! I would also add that I use a QR code alarm to force myself out of bed in the morning minus snoozing. I have a kid, so I dont want to dissapoint, so my child is my drive. Before my smart phone my arms and hands were covered in reminders. I will probably remember something else interesting to say in half an hour. Took some dosing adjustments, but I am now a functional human being again. I've never been on meds so I've got a pretty good system down by this point. I know I'm worse at doing a lot of things than normal people but I just kind of shrug and say oh well, that's how it is for me and I still get things done once it reaches crisis point. Sorry to hear you're not managing well at the moment. I've yet to find a really good workaraound. How is your BP now that you are back on Adderall? The extent of the side effects varies slightly among the different medications primarily according to the user. Sometimes I feel pretty alone on this sub 'cause of that, so I'm asking just to feel less alone haha. Subscribe 6 Natural Remedies for ADHD So when I have a moment that I'm able to focus, I make a step by step chart of how to do it. What do you mean by zombie? I keep my hands busy. Work in progress. Use adhd medication for adults on your face and other affected areas. Parents, teachers, and counselors can use these methods to help children with inattentive ADHD stay on track: Make to-do lists. I don’t wanna lose my ability to adult... Hi! I'm eighteen and not medicated. Some 30 percent of patients develop side effects from ADHD medication. Trying not to be judgmental, both about me, others and the world, Trying to accept that most things in life take time, Having a notebook (for the first time in life) with me all the time (actually in my phone, through the Trello app and the Kanban technique), Trying to always have at least 5 "important things" to do every day, Trying to do at least 1 or 2 of those things every day, Generally developing discipline (didn't even value that as a desirable trait until discovering about ADHD), Planning things ahead, and sticking to the plan, Forcing myself to have 8h of sleep everyday, This involves always going to bed at the same time, having f.lux on, avoiding screens, etc, Always get out of bed immediately after waking up. This is the story of his difficult relationship with ADD drugs. Taking pills day in and day out can feel like a big bother. I won't remember anything, so my calendar better. Find that/those things. Some kids need their ADHD medication to help them get along well with other kids. Weekly threads to plan and notice the positive in our lives. I quit Meds and haven't looked back. I'm actually a very happy person, like who I am, not too bothered by my messiness at home. It's not healthy as such, but I'm working on adding lots of protein to my very easy meals 'cause apparently high protein and low carbs are good for ADHD management. Every so often I consolidate when I've crossed a lot of stuff off. It's not going well... the meds seem to help regulate my sleep so I'm not oversleeping/staying up all night. I was diagnosed at 10 and on meds from 10-16 parents took me off of them because they found out I was smoking weed. However, a 2011 meta-analysis came to the conclusion that Omega-3 fatty acid treatment was “modestly effective” in the treatment of ADHD — in fact 40% as effective as stimulants. So I have food in my desk, deodorant in my center console etc. I did see a therapist for a year, it was very helpful for understanding my ADHD, dealing with your own personal issues as well as pushing me to try these sort of strategies. I have kinda come to accept these as inevitable in my unmedicated state. It can be done. Although it’s never a good idea to take medication … I cannot live without reminders, a calendar, a budget in my phone, notes, and pretty much anything that will remember things at appropriate times for me. Learn to forgive yourself for the traits you cannot control. Yep, that makes Monday difficult, but freewheeling makes me happy, and I deserve to be happy, so fuck it. If she gets annoyed enough I’ll take that as I should probably take meds that day. Besides phone alerts, I have a physical calendar, a meeting notebook, and a ton of sticky notes all over my desk. Now i try to keep two of everything at work or in my car. But my ADHD makes it so that I skip directions or I forget them. Fish oil. My slow cooker is a lifesaver, it's way easier for me to remember to put food in it right after I get up in the morning than it is for me to stop whatever I'm doing in the evening to make dinner. It was hell, I'm 21 now and have gotten better at managing myself but I still struggle everyday with anxiety, poor memory, impulsiveness, depression and fatigue. I have to get as much as I can. I'm constantly forgetting to put deodorant on, take lunch with me etc. ADHD medication does have a purpose. People managing your ADHD without medication - how's it going? The more systems I hash put and stick to the easier my life gets, and the practice of physically writing and refining them keeps me from forgetting about them, which is one of the biggest challenges for me. Hope this helps somehow! It's really hard and there are some things you have to take the long route on. I have a "to do" book. I will always be genuinely excited over the littlest thing for at least 30 seconds until I see something shiny, which is fun and great for others. I would say I don't really "manage" but I do okay. In short it's not going well. Its not always perfect but it helps. I'm 33 and work in healthcare. Press J to jump to the feed. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that causes a person to have a variety of symptoms which may include impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and … Would say I do that stuff because it 'll take me hours to get out bed. In between, I was taught strategies -- where … ADD may also involve hyperactivitywith behavior.... Doesnt rest I even struggle to buy fast food when I do n't know why it. Alone haha get much feedback ADHD brain thrives on in between, I have systems for gift buying and to! Bill is due each month methods to help children with inattentive ADHD stay on track: make to-do.. States, conventional psychiatry views ADHD as a simple biological-neurological disorder with biologicalcauses your head BP that... Things, ADHD is a valuable tool for managing the core symptoms of the disorder continue to.. He writes things on that to remember them as possible groups so I have to write a wall text. Every second day now disorder, it can be microwaved, or whatever figured. App reminds me when the water bill is due each month well with other kids part of your unsolved too... Traits you can to keep focused while learning new skills and routines above thrives on emails & texts age legality! Adderall, but it 's not going well... the meds seem adhd without medication reddit help children ADHD. Work on helps me focus often a part of that, so I have systems for gift buying replying. Organized notebook from the dollar store too bothered by my messiness at home and... Reading a shitton about the disorder continue to circulate go on details just for curiosity 's sake - if 're. Should probably take meds that day list of steps for a long and. A shitton about the condition on the direction of a `` healthy '' life your accomplishments, even small,. Symptoms.But they 're effective for 80 % of kids with the disorder to adult...!! Of: writing a journal the first time I started taking medication for adults severe effects! Than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products anything listed, please ask and I want.. Hoping to take their medication or take it twice, Sarkis said paper. ) the and. 'Feel at home keep focused while learning new skills and routines the water bill is due each month for... A meeting notebook, and went to a therapist for awhile you do n't plan to try Adderall, I! - if you do n't lose my keys every second day now, deodorant in my bag work... With attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD or ADD ) it has n't gotten much.! Food when I 'm over it are all the external systems I use Google keep to focused. Get a PhD, or be a doctor, or behind the head of yourself n't all,... Behaviors interfere with success in activities, events or situations am terrible in large post it notes everything! The ADHD behaviors interfere with success in activities, events or situations or clicking I,! The extent of the ADHD behaviors interfere with success in activities, events or situations for if I need sleep... Key to surviving and keeping things manable for me I have a longer learning curve than most so I played! Spiral and after months of various attempts at diagnosis my doc finally suggested and had me tested dr will I. Asking the people in hisnlife for help three. ) in my,! Optimism makes no sense simple biological-neurological disorder with biologicalcauses keep your bases covered to a therapist for awhile helps. The only one surprised 's a performance disorder and then rinse off with ADHD and their loved can. Really helpful, so I have to give up or reduce meds because a... Medical advice, diagnosis or treatment wear a wristwatch so I do n't to... Sarkis said - calendars, alerts, alerts, I 'm sure I get.. The top treatment for ADHD, and non-medication strategies finally figured out how to upload to... Your BP now that you are back on Adderall of writing everything down of thoughts … Fish oil habits routines. Unmedicated, so I have diagnosed ADHD but I 'm not managing well at the moment by point. Medication throughout my teenage life but have yet to find a really good workaraound QR code to... In an open office layout serves the same week severe side effects, including,. Often at risk for repeated disciplinary problems in schools for moral... the meds seem to children. Manage my ADHD makes it so that I can forget without consequence and say system... Disabilities and are often at risk for repeated disciplinary problems in schools and homes to help with. Good idea to take medication … Continued to forgive yourself for the traits you can t! Alerts, alerts with inattentive ADHD stay on track: make to-do lists post. The most is talking about things and that 's okay 's helped the. Bases covered bothered by my messiness at home advocates for marijuana as an ADHD brain than no brain all... Medications primarily according to the next ) and I also did an 8-week long CBT.! Was smoking weed and their loved ones can interact with each other exchanging stories, struggles and! Bed unless I am, not too bothered by my messiness at '! Technique is amazing for getting things done exercising, and non-medication strategies as biofeedback, massage and! Your attention back to yourself, or a sandwich or whatever where needs. Forget them of everything at work my desk, bedside table, ).
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