competition in a sentence - Use "competition" in a sentence 1. You will find night clubs that offer lessons before special swing nights, dance studios that offer regular classes, and even groups that allow you to compete and perform. Check the directory for your state's games to learn how to compete or volunteer. Many articles formerly imported are now made at home, and some Italian manufactures have begun to compete in foreign markets. Richmond and her miniature schnauzer compete in agility trials, and serve as pet therapy volunteers at a local hospital. She took the time to talk to LoveToKnow about the benefits of participating in IronKids, a new youth triathlon series in which children compete in age-appropriate distances with an emphasis on fitness, fun, and safety. A Responsible, Recognized Breeder: These breeders are very knowledgeable about the breed, compete in events such as obedience, agility and weight pulling, or show in conformation. Now there is one less hunter to compete with me for the precious little ones. The definition of compete means to be in a contest or rivalry. His political ideal for France was that of the monarchy, rescued from all association with the abuses of the old rgime and broad-based upon the peoples will; his practical counsel was that the king should frankly proclaim this ideal to the people as his own, should compete with the Assembly for popular favor, while at the same time using every means to win over those by whom his authority was flouted. The interior of Greenland contains both summer and winter a pole of cold, situated in the opposite longitude to that of Siberia, with which it is well able to compete in extreme severity. If they compete at some points and not at others, they produce a discrimination or preference with regard to rates and facilities, which builds up the competitive points at the expense of the non-competitive ones. Novice dancers compete with one another, leaving more advanced dancers to compete at a separate time during the event. Life is full of competition. In that case, they have to compete with rich, high-tech, government-subsidized industries. Bond's self-assurance was so impregnable that his women needed ludicrous identities and pumped-up sexuality to compete. hawker center, where dozens of vendors offering extremely fast food compete for your custom. Sweep Blushbaby, a sheer beige pink blush along cheekbones and apply Plushglass in Pretty Plush, a soft pink with white pearl for a lip that has just enough color and shine and won't compete with your smoky eyes. crippled the ability of home producers to compete in their own market place. | To take part in a contest, game or similar event Winners of the Eukanuba National Championship are automatically issued an invitation to compete at Crufts. 176. 205. Our top triathlete Ian Corless has been selected to compete for GB in the World Duathlon Championships - great result ! In commerce it had to compete with the highly developed maritime industry of Great Britain. CK 1 252480 I competed with him for the first prize. supercharge car can compete well with said fast cars. It is important to choose details that will complement, yet not compete with the rest of your facade. Professional competitors are ranked from "Rising Star" to "Open Professional," and compete against fellow professionals of their rough skill level. Once you've received confirmation of your registration, get your high school dance team ready to compete with a new dance team routine to get everybody excited for the competition. If you want to gain expertise in a sport, you should compete with people that are more accomplished than you. compete for attention in the construction industry branding arena. As long as you live, work, and play in those 34 counties, there's a good chance you can find a local, nationwide, or pay-as-you-go plan that will work for you and compete well with some of the bigger companies on the market. Each season, Dempsey and his teammates compete in 14 endurance races, lasting for up to 24 hours at a time, with two drivers switching off at intervals. use "compete" in a sentence We'd certainly like to see him try to compete with Harry on stage. Select a maple rod if you want simplicity of design, or an elaborate carving that will not compete with wood grain. The kids first compete against one another and some go on to compete nationally. However most of the consoles that connect to the Internet allow you to compete and share with other online gamers. The was made by Tiger Electronics, before it was acquired by Hasbro, and was meant to compete against the Game Boy. One example of this is Oil Fight, a multiplayer game where players compete to control the most oil, building up their army, attacking, and sabotaging other players to get the best rank. Teams that do well often get to travel to other places, even other states, to compete in larger competitions. equipped to compete in an expanding global market. But they require an extravagant supply of charcoal; and even with the cheapness of native labour the product cannot compete in price with imported iron from England. Featuring well-organized and fun competitions, dancers can compete in many types of events, both as part of a dance team, as well as competing as a soloist or with a partner. CK 1 2388235 I never wanted to compete with you. No other country has been able to equal Brazil in the production of coffee, and under better labour conditions the country might compete with the foremost in the production of cane sugar, cotton and tobacco. As there are countless slim cell phones on the market, we will focus this article to the slender clamshells out there as they compete directly against the ubiquitous MOTORAZR. Eaton's couldn't compete with the low prices of the huge American superstores, and finally went bankrupt. Sentence Examples We can competewith sides above us, we've just got to make sure we get our game right. There are around 40 different groups using the website to compete for fun or to raise funds this season. 6. On Friday, our team will compete in a race against a neighboring school. What are the ages of some of the oldest participants, and what sports do they compete in? Ian Ziering marked the first 90210 alum to compete on the show. 2. Such companies must change if they are to, 11. Examples of Compete in a sentence. Restriction on post employment competition. Bow porcelain was created to compete with the popular imported oriental porcelain. Siena is divided into seventeen contrade (wards), each with a distinct appellation and a chapel and flag of its own; and every year ten of these contrade, chosen by lot, send each one horse to compete for the prize palio or banner. Though she's almost 40, she still plans to, 10. Young men compete with each other for membership in these societies and fraternities. One of the signature games is the "Quest," when teams of passengers compete in outrageous tasks for prizes and the merriment of their fellow guests. While some partners compete in everything from the tango and salsa to the waltz and foxtrot, other couples specialize in Latin dances or waltzing. As long as your colors match and the patterns don't compete, you can have a very interesting room of patterns and designs with your floral fabric as the centerpiece of your room decor. The New South Wales Olympic committee had not wanted to allow women to compete, and even the president of the NSW Ladies Swimming Association was against it on the grounds of immodesty. A Persian gentleman erected a cotton-spinning factory at Teheran in 1894 with expensive machinery; it turned out some excellent yarn but could not compete in price with imported yarns.