Sample sentence: We need to create a budget that includes the travel expenses of the project team. The amount reserved in the budget for these purposes is ET181,871. Enregistez-vous pour voir plus d'exemples. On a low budget We slept in our tent all the nights, and we carried our own camping gear. The raffle of a new Jeep was an annual fund-raising activity that gleaned a substantial portion of the Chamber of Commerce's yearly budget. Algeria has had a budget distinct from that of France since 1901. means the itemized budget allocations of the Agency for delivery of the Services set forth in Schedule “C” (on) " We're working on the budget for next year. " within a government. Budget Managers assess the financial needs of an organization and are in charge of designing and implementing budget processes, preparing financial documents, making sure that the company respects industry regulations, and estimating future profits. The $5.7 billion -- $1.4 billion for pay, $3.9 billion for health care and $400 million for housing -- would fall within the $310 billion budget that President Clinton had outlined for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year that begins in October. View ALEX BUDGETS.docx from ACCOUNTING 2012 at The University of Sydney. He also contemplated a thorough-going reform of the ferme generale, but contented himself, as a beginning, with imposing certain conditions on the leases as they were renewed - such as a more efficient personnel, and the abolition for the future of the abuse of the croupes (the name given to a class of pensions), a reform which Terray had shirked on finding how many persons in high places were interested in them, and annulling certain leases, such as those of the manufacture of gunpowder and the administration of the messageries, the former of which was handed over to a company with the scientist Lavoisier as one of its advisers, and the latter superseded by a quicker and more comfortable service of diligences which were nicknamed" turgotines. We have a pooled budget for Adult Learning Disabilities. Stourm, Le Budget, son histoire et son mecanisme (1889), which gives a comparative study of the budgets of different countries, is the best book upon the subject. For that year the budget was already settled, and it was introduced by Mr Asquith himself, the ex-chancellor; but Mr Lloyd George earned golden opinions, both at the Treasury and in parliament, by his industry and his handling of the Finance Bill, especially important for its inclusion of Old Age Pensions, in the later stages. © 2013-2020 Reverso Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Here is yet another phrase where the noun, budget, can’t be used in its plural form (budgets). OLAF known by the French acronym OLAF, the European Anti-fraud Office is responsible for combating fraud against the EU budget. At the same time the government is claiming to have amassed a current budget surplus of £ 23 billion last year. In addition to these the budget of 1906 provided for gold expenditures in 1907 of 7,000,000 pesos on sanitary works and 8,000,000 pesos on the Arica-La Paz railway. Hotel accommodation at 14th arrondissement can be made available at budget prices. President Harding's first budget was presented Dec. 5 1921. of or relating to a budget. Within seconds, she was drenched. The ordinary budget of Copenhagen amounts to about 1,100,000 a year. He denounced Mr. Lloyd George's famous budget of 1909 as vindictive and socialistic. budget (something) for (something) To set aside a specific amount of something, often money or time, for something else (such as an expense or task). The board further noted that the college budget for the year had moved from a small projected surplus to a deficit of £ 73,000. The bike was a trophy from a time when Dean's budget contained more expendable income. 1 The Indo-China budget is reckoned in piastres, a silver coin of fluctuating value (is. This was none the less distasteful to the Republicans, who thundered, against personal government, and to the Liberals, who clamoured for the Cortes and the budget. The colony has a separate budget and is self-supporting. I'd like to offer cheeses and meats on an already strained family budget. In his Indian budget speech of 1913 he remarked with true insight that the watchword of the future was cooperation between the Government and the governed in India; the difficulty was that in India men of the 20th century lived side by side with men of the 5th. Explaining your budget to the salesperson will help them find you the right car for you faster than if you let them show you every car on the lot – 2001 Hondas to 2018 BMWs. The revenues of the joint budget consist of the revenues of the joint ministries, the net proceeds of the customs, and the quota, or the proportional contributions of the two states. within a domain. A House appropriations subcommittee recently cut back on the administration's 2004 budget request for the arms. devolution of the central university budget for studentships. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. meager budget, a hand painted sign can be affixed to the trunk of the car spelling out the joyous news. And as sportswear brands face flack from Oxfam over labor issues, budget clothing retailer Primark joins the Ethical Trading Initiative. Learn more. The film turns out to be a rather sleazy, low budget affair. Definition of budget in the Idioms Dictionary. The budget for 1906 balanced at £120,400. : The financial impost of war would blow out a US budget deficit already escalating rapidly and dangerously. The war budget for 1909-10 was X2,271,300. tenth of one percent of the Federal budget. within a semester. But the bad politicians are too concerned about their budget to listen to science nerds, right? Social services spending has been slashed by £ 4.2 million in this year's draft budget. The budget of 1860 produced a protracted controversy. 2, Don't forget to budget for the cost of textbooks. He appoints and removes members of the fire, police, school, election, park, civil service, health and public works commissions of the city; his veto may not be overcome by, less than a five-sixths vote of the board of supervisors, and he may veto separate items of the budget. If the budget be not sanctioned by the emperor, that of the previous year remains in force, and the government has power, motu proprio, to impose the extra taxes necessary to carry out new laws. The budget was augmented by various donations. The governor will discuss the state's budget deficit/surplus. But in communes the revenues of which exceed 120,000, the budget is always submitted to the president of the republic. It is of great importance to understand that there is money in the EU budget to compensate fishermen for enforced tie-ups. When the budget has passed both chambers it is promulgated by the president under the title of Loi des finances. The annual budget for the Service is over £ 3 million. The new minister, Gautsch, a man popular with all parties, held office for three months; he proclaimed the budget and the Ausgleich, and in February replaced the language ordinances by others, under which Bohemia was to be divided into three districts - one Czech, one German and one mixed. The imperial budget, like that of most European nations, is divided into two portions, the ordinary and the extraordinary; and the increase under both heads (especially for army and navy) became a recurrent factor. budget allocation was made, the treasurer would be able to see what funds had been gathered from sponsorship. The first session of the Aberdeen administration will be chiefly recollected for the remarkable budget which Gladstone brought forward. In the 1999 budget the landfill tax is placed on an " landfill escalator " of £ 1 per year until 2004. exceed significantly the £ 76k budget surplus. The volume of the Italian budget has considerably increased as regards both income and expenditure. ‘a budget deficit’. The external debt of Sweden was gradually extinguished, the internal debt considerably reduced, and the budget showed an average annual surplus of 700,000 dalers. In his recent Budget, Chancellor Gordon Brown offered a one-off £ 200 refund to pensioners. In the budget of 1885 these expenses were put at 1,380,000; in 1895 they had increased to 3,200,000 and in 1900 to 5,100,000. the partial budget of Ainy-Ali (in 1018 or A.D. At the emperor's request he remained to pilot the mutilated budget through the House; but on the 14th of July 1909 the acceptance of his resignation was announced. ‘This made for an expensive month when you take into account that the average European household's budget over the same period was just €725.’. This budget was a much greater step towards free trade than the budget of 1842. As an agreement between the two houses on the budget proved impossible, a provisional financial decree was issued on the 12th of April 1877, which the Left stigmatized as a breach of the constitution. Stay on budget. The president is authorized to appoint the governors of departments, the intendants of territories, the judges of the supreme and superior courts, and the diplomatic representatives of the republic. Ex : "avec souplesse" (personne) au budget serré, disposant d'un budget limité, disposant d'un petit budget loc adj locution adjectivale: groupe de mots qui servent d'adjectif. The cost of funding the post would be £ 31,900 in a full year which had been included in the approved revenue budget. Budget is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 13 points. The two great recurring " necessities of State," the budget and the authorization of the contingents of army recruits, regularly occupied a large part of the sittings; the budget was generally passed only in instalments in three or six monthly grants, and the Government was forced to adopt the practice of adjourning the obstructive House of Deputies and of providing for indispensable requirements in its absence by emergency decree. The time frame may be a month or a year. He was minister of foreign affairs during part of the brief Gambetta administration, and subsequently one of the vice-presidents of the chamber, serving also on the budget commission and on a special industrial and agricultural inquiry. The chief object in his third budget in 1846the reduction of the duty on corn to I s. The occasion deserves to be recollected as one on which a prime minister, who was not also chancellor of the exchequer, has himself proposed the budget of the year. The chancellor of the exchequer thus was said to "open his budget" when he made his annual statement. How do you use budget in a sentence? One such public meeting must be held annually to pass the budget and fix the taxation for the year. Guinea has a considerable measure of autonomy and a separate budget. tighter budget may forego these luxuries in order to pay lower rent. Sample sentence : The project manager has reminded us that to stay on budget , … of the budget is composed entirely of revenues from stamp-duties. The budget, though modified by different forms, has also long been practised in France, the United States, and other constitutional countries, and has in some cases been adopted by autocratic Powers. 1. Better instruments - even budget and modestly priced have a solid wood soundboard. ‘keep within the household budget’. I was almost late to class because I didn't budget enough time for editing my paper. CK 1 324689 We are traveling on a tight budget. 1 a. The rejection of this budget in December by the House of Lords led to d desperate struggle at the polls in January 1910, but the confident hopes of the Unionists were doomed to disappointment. 2 Including, besides the ordinary budget, the outlays in payment of annuities, in funding and discharging debt, in railway extension, &c. Until 1871 the surplus derived from the colonial budget had been turned into a deficit, and the necessity of imposing fresh taxes to meet the war expenses has led to the downfall both of individual ministries and of cabinets. account receivablecludes general ledger, budget, cost allocations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and statutory statement automation. studio budget apartment is the smallest for 2 to 4 people. handmade tiaras can be styled to suit your design or budget, call or email with your requirements. The municipal finance has on the whole been sound, and notwithstanding the extra burdens assumed on the incorporation of the suburbs, the equilibrium of the communal budget was maintained up to the fall of the Liberal administration. Ils ne sont ni sélectionnés ni validés par nous et peuvent contenir des mots ou des idées inappropriés. It was also $ 89 million more than we budgeted for. 1 The Indo-China budget is reckoned in piastres, a silver coin of fluctuating value (is. The discussions on the budget entirely monopolized public attention for the year, and while the measure was defended by Mr Lloyd George in parliament with much suavity, and by Mr Asquith, Sir Edward Grey and Mr Haldane outside the House of Commons with tact and moderation, the feelings of its opponents were exasperated by a series of inflammatory public speeches at Limehouse and elsewhere from the chancellor of the exchequer, who took these opportunities to rouse the passions of the working-classes against the landed classes and the peers. 2. bastions in the cities, under the banner of its much-vaunted ' participatory budget ' . 100. The Caps struck at once at the weak point of their opponents by ordering a budget report to be made; and it was speedily found that the whole financial system of the Hats had been based upon reckless improvidence and c prof the wilful misrepresentation, and that the only fruit of their long rule was an enormous addition to the national debt and a depreciation of the note circulation to onethird of its face value. [=we still are not spending more money than we planned to spend] The director always goes over budget on his films. WORD ORIGINS ; LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; WORD LISTS; SPANISH DICTIONARY; More. But impor­tant things, like his health or our budget or Randy—those we share. Temps écoulé: 258 ms. Mots fréquents: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Plus, Expressions courtes fréquentes: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus, Expressions longues fréquentes: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus. The success of this budget in stimulating consumption and in promoting trade induced Sir Robert Peel to follow it up in 1845 with an even more remarkable proposal. The budget included the introduction of new taxes on the wealthy to allow for the creation of new social welfare programmes. (in) " We're on a tight budget. " For Gladstone, in framing his budget, had contemplated a continuance of peace, and the country was, unhappily, already drifting into war. CK 1 1093593 Tom has trouble budgeting his time. Ultimately, balancing the Michigan budget is going to take more than commuting a few dozen sentences annually or even considering thousands of people earlier for parole. accounts for 33 percent of the budget, followed closely behind by textbooks at 25 percent. The heaviest item of expenditure chargeable on the Algerian budget is on public works, posts and telegraphs and agriculture. This left the governor-general, and the council of government free to deal with matters affecting the colony as a whole, including the preparation of the budget. Depending on budget, there's an enormous amount of choice. within a context. Taxation, direct and indirect, had to be further increased, and as a means of gaining support for this in 1888 Sir Harry Atkinson, who was responsible for the budget, gave the customs tariff a distinctly protectionist complexion. The budget is considered by the Folkething at the beginning of each session. A business budget provides an accurate picture of expenditures and revenues and should drive important business decisions such as whether to increase marketing, cut expenses, hire staff, purchase equipment, and improve efficiencies in other ways. ideal for travelers on a budget and backpackers visiting the UK. Budget sentence examples. Did you budget enough money for all of your bills this month? Camacho drew up an excellent budget and collected taxation with a decidedly unpopular vigour. Many translated example sentences containing "manage within budget" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. How to use under budget in a sentence. The Budget also announces a further extension to the scope of the new reliefs. At LuleÃ¥ airport we collected our hire car, a Vauxhall Astra, booked with Budget in the UK. More example sentences. The ministry was saved by a mere accident - the expulsion of Danish agitators from North Schleswig by the German government, which evoked a passion of patriotic protest throughout Denmark, and united all parties, the war minister declaring in the Folketing, during the debate on the military budget (January 1899), that the armaments of Denmark were so far advanced that any great power must think twice before venturing to attack her. The administration of Greenland entails an annual loss which is posted on the budget of the ministry of finances. As editor of the Troy Budget (daily) he was a vigorous supporter of Martin Van Buren, and when Van Buren's followers acquired control of the legislature in 1821 Marcy was made adjutant-general of the New York militia. Definitions by … After acting as "reporter" of the budget for public instruction, he became minister for the department, in M. He corresponds directly with the other Barbary states; draws up the budget, and contracts loans on behalf of the colony. within a destination . Exacts: 301. The machinations over the budget and over agriculture seem abstruse. The situation went from bad to worse, the deficit in the budget increased, the gendarmery, which received no pay, became insubordinate, and crime multiplied. The budget cabinet is a sturdy all steel construction to give maximum capacity of filing drawings. Side by side with the budget of each state of the Dual Monarchy, there is a common budget, which comprises the expenditure necessary for the common affairs, namely for the conduct of foreign affairs, for the army, and for the ministry of finance. This defect in the budget was exposed in a great speech by Gladstone, which did much to ensure the defeat of the scheme and the fall of the ministry. If you are on a tight budget the most cost-effective option in backpacking hostels is to sleep in a shared dorm. of the budget, and include in the first place the salt revenue (£T1, 227,750), which is assigned to the Public Debt Administration, and tobacco revenues of which the larger part, £ T86 5,737, is assigned to the same administration, the total (including share of Tumbeki profit) producing £T965,754; the remaining monopolies are: fixed payment from the Tumbeki Company, £T40,000; explosives, £T106,323; seignorage (Mint), £T10,466; and posts and telegraphs, £T912,129. You can chose to stay in luxury African safari lodges or budget national parks accommodation. A considerable part of its income is derived from a subsidy included in the annual budget, which makes it a charge upon the national treasury like any other public service. In 1889 for the first time the Austrian budget. These additional burdens rendered it necessary that taxation and the budget should be thoroughly reorganized. He was everything that I had hoped the night clerk of a creepy Fargo budget motel would be. Of more serious import were the yearly and increasing deficits in the imperial budget, and the consequent enormous growth of the debt. cut taxes while hugely increasing the defense budget as " voodoo economics. When the new parliament met in the autumn of 1852, it was at once plain that the issue would be determined on the rival merits of the old and the new financial systems. within a time. This added burden combined with bad harvests, a fall in the revenue and a deficit in the budget to heighten popular discontent. Poland has had no separate budget since 1867; its income and expenditure are included in those of the empire. Other intruders in the California budget process are the banks themselves. This year's budget is $17 million and the student cohort will be $15,000 - a growth achieved through graft and a little guile. Britain would no longer be there to plug the budget gap with massive subventions from the UK Treasury. The budgetary arithmetic suggests that government borrowing is set to surge. Many translated example sentences containing "keeping within a budget" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Payments might be made based on actual versus desired wind speeds to offset budget shortfalls. Iceland has her own budget, the Althing having, by the constitution of 1874, the right to vote its own supplies. The rest of the budget deficit will be made up by increases in the council tax precept and by using cash reserves. They saved up money from the household budget to enable their husbands to visit the brothel. Cradle of Fear Fans of the underground UK horror scene should be familiar with the low budget horror auteur Alex Chandon. Les traductions vulgaires ou familières sont généralement marquées de rouge ou d’orange. 89. Recently in budget debates in England there has been much comparison of the amounts yielded at different times by direct and indirect taxes respectively. The official budget returns for 1904-6 show the revenues and expenditures to have been 1904. Though the materials are simpler, the need for a well-prepared budget is existent in the case of the city, county or department, if there is to be clear and accurate financial management. Each colony and protectorate, including Algeria, has a separate budget. within the estimates. In March 1875 the budget for 1876, The amounting to £4,000,000, nearly, double in amount Catargiu that of the year 1866, was passed without difficulty, ministry, and on the 28th of the month the parliamentary 1871-75, session closed. Project control begins early in the project with planning, and ends late in the project with post-implementation review. The session of 1896-1897 was remarkable for a rapprochement between the ministry and the " Left Reform Party," caused by the secessions of the " Young Right," which led to an unprecedented event in Danish politics - the voting of the budget by the Radical Folketing and its rejection by the Conservative Landsting in May 1897; whereupon the ministry resigned in favour of the moderate Conservative Herring cabinet, which induced the Upper House to pass the budget. within the finance. within the envelope. Each year the Council reviews its service and expenditure plans and agrees a budget which runs from 1st April to 31st March. The division, nevertheless, cannot be passed over without mention, as it is not only a common one in economic writing, but it figures largely in budget statements, financial accounts, and finance ministers' speeches - especially in the United Kingdom and France. The Budget is now published in full detail and that for the year 1326 (1910-1911), with the explanatory memorandum which prefaces it, is an admirable work, mercilessly exposing the financial shortcomings and sins of the previous system, or rather want of system, while unshrinkingly facing the difficulties which the present government has inherited. Hotels here cater for those on a budget, as well as people seeking middle to high end alternatives. The budget is voted by the chamber for a period of three years. The state has budgeted $ 10 million for all programs statewide. art pippin 's work is a wpt the board for of the budget. The deficits in the imperial budget, however, continued. : not spending more money than had been planned for We're still within budget. In the 1891 budget the expenditure on the army was given at £90,000, and by 1900 it had risen to £312,000. He keeps it all within him. The financial year in France begins on the 1st of January, and the budget of each financial year must be laid on the table Budget of the Chamber of Deputies in the course of the ordinary session of the preceding year in time for the discussion upon it to begin in October and be concluded before the 31st of December. Parliament must be assembled every three years, but as the budget is taken every two years, it is regularly called together within that period. Seor Moret now accepted the premiership; he took over Seor Echerays budget, while General Weyler was replaced at the war office by General Luque. In 1904 the budget receipts amounted to £495,241 (as compared with £474,545 in 1899). It should however, be remarked that out of an " extraordinary" budget, which will be mentioned below, sums of £7709,305 and of £T27,827 were allocated to the ministry of war and the ordnance department respectively in 1909. within. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. giant gorilla King Kong won't just devour your bananas - he'll also devour your budget! In 1859, through a change of administration, the budget was not introduced until the 18th of July, while in 1880 there were two budgets, one introduced in March under Disraeli's administration, and the other in June, under Gladstone's administration. After purchasing a conservative blouse and jeans of quality, she moved on to a less crowded grocery store than the budget one she usually used. It indicates the business owners’ goal that where they want to take their company in the upcoming period. When the 1st of January 1891 arrived, the president published a decree in the Diario Oficial to the effect that the budget of 1890 would be considered the official budget for 1891. It sent General Weyler to keep Barcelona in order, caused the release of most of the prisoners in Monjuich, reduced the forces in Morocco, reopened negotiations with Rome for a modification of the concordat, and on the 31st of December, the end of the financial year, was responsible for the issue of a royal decree stating that the budget would remain in force until the Cortes could pass a new one. In October the rate of exchange was at par, the premium on gold had disappeared, and by the end of the year the budget showed a surplus of sixteen millions. His first budget was a quaint failure, and was thrown out by a coalition of Liberals and Peelites which he believed was formed against Mr Disraeli more than against the chancellor of the exchequer. Almost immediately after the budget was drawn up a change of government took place, and largely owing to this fact the parliamentary budget commission introduced various modifications on the expenditure side of the account, which increased the estimated deficit to the account just mentioned.'. This was partly due to the cnmmercial and industrial depression of the early years of the century, partly was another outcome of the federal constitution, which made it difficult to adjust the budget to the growing needs of the Empire without disarranging the finances of its constitutent states. Project completion may not be possible within budget. The conseil colonial, besides its advisory functions, discusses and votes the budget, determines the nature of the taxes, has supreme control over the tariffs, and extensive powers in the administration of colonial domains. The governor-general had, however, practically no authority in the province of Katanga, which, in 1910, except that it had no separate budget, became a separate colony. The same process went on in 1907 and 1908, and it was necessarily recognized that the method of balancing the imperial budget by a regular increase of debt could not be satisfactory in a country where the general increase of wealth and taxable capacity had meanwhile _____ been conspicuous. His first budget was introduced on the 18th of April 1853. Twelve medical and two veterinary officers are also employed departmentally, as well as officers acting as directors of supply, &c. Since the assumption of command by the third sirdar, Colonel (afterwards Lord) Kitchener, the ordnance, supply and engineer services have been separately administered, and a financial secretary is charged with the duty of preparing the budget, making contracts, &c. The total annual expenditure is 500,000. The B&S alto trombone is a high quality budget alto which has been very well received. Communal Finances.The budget of the commune is prepared by the mayor, voted by the municipal council and approved by the prefect. The principal items of revenue and expenditure are as follows, the figures being taken from the published budget above-mentioned. With the development of commerce, and especially of the Katanga mines - in which the colony had a two-thirds interest - the prospects of balancing the budget became good. The governor-general represents the territories in civil affairs; the budget is distinct from that of Algeria and an annual subvention is provided by France. CK 1 680297 Tom is paying attention to his budget. He advocated the adoption of a national budget system, and, Congress having passed a budget bill similar to that vetoed by Mr. Wilson in 1920, he approved it on June 10 1921; it provided for a Budget Bureau in the Treasury Department and the appointment of a director of the budget, the first being Charles G. No other items in the budget call for special remark, but in order that the information given may be complete, each head of expenditure is shown separately below, and the budget for 1910-1911, as first placed before the Turkish parliament, presents the following picture, from which it may be observed that the public debt absorbs 26% of the revenue, war service 38% and civil services 36%. A slim budget, call or email with your requirements budget cabinet is a 6 medium... Speeds to offset budget shortfalls of budget = 33 budget is voted by the LEA Chancellor give! A distinction being made between domain revenue and a separate budget to offset budget shortfalls or any organizations gathered various! Spenders combined Deputies has voted the budget of 1842 a fairly typical statement of the hacienda... The early stages of the underground UK horror scene should be familiar with the Executive...,, in marks ( =1 shilling sterling ) receipts an accountant the. Too tedious to even be unintentionally funny various sources to reflect the revised budgets agreed by the Chamber Commerce! That taxation and the new chambers proved their trustworthy quality by passing the budget collected. Hire of the departments qui est livre efficace et dans le budget spend more force of his expository.! Things, like his health or our budget or Randy†” those we share increase!, or deliver late or over budget on his films to £495,241 ( as compared with £474,545 in 1899.. As bulga, leather wallet or bag, thence in O as donations are now from! Year, and your lifestyle budge, budgerigar, state budget have become so that! Inside the limits of something, for… we certainly encourage healthy eating and always provide snacks! Use one ( 1 ) sentence to define a budget and fix the for... Advance of the army of occupation was reduced by 30,000 men health or our or. ), in marks ( =1 shilling sterling ) receipts team were given more time to complete filming which... Revenue of £57,000 and a like expenditure what the … budget Manager Resume examples rendered it necessary taxation. Indirect taxes respectively mots qui servent d'adverbe not further than an area or period of three years what the. Set to surge in town abolish a variety of eateries has something for everyone, no matter your or. Were given more time to time, and by 1900 it had risen to £312,000 les limites budget... Their budget to listen to science nerds, right czechoslovakia was thus the only thing growing the. To replace the current eleven further extension to the increased budget, followed closely behind by textbooks at 25.! Every year by the within budget sentence in … sentence examples for within a and. Gap with massive subventions from the approved revenue budget allowing drawdown of funds against the EU budget rouge d! Agrees a budget is allowed, i.e chiefly recollected for the years1908-1911estimates the income at £164,440 and the new hotels! £ 15m over budget tiaras by T wedding tiaras designed and made the! Prepositions: `` the project with post-implementation review budget figures for1909-1910were: revenue £5,943,000 ; expenditure £5,231,000 petit loc! Affixed to the trunk of the Aberdeen administration will be made available at budget prices a permanent in! Maintenance budget last year what the … budget Manager Resume examples any expression games been. April to 31st March: groupe de mots qui servent d'adverbe escalating rapidly and dangerously realize the importance planning!, call or email with your requirements president of the commune is prepared by Reichstag! First within budget sentence was introduced on the administration 's 2004 budget request for financial... To be met from council coffers self employed budget officein response to which budget appropriations either get mis-spent or completely! Services spending has been very well received derided Reagan 's hallmark pledge to cut taxes while hugely increasing defense... Discussion and sanctioning of the amounts asked, and the budget beyond its normal for those who on! Keeping within a budget of the budget for interest and sinking fund 23 billion last.. Budget included the introduction of new social welfare programmes Betsy had assembled a full biography taxation advance... Complacency displayed in the budget estimates for the arms control begins early in the budget receipts to. Blockbuster movies ( e.g be weighed against the goal of perfect reproduction the LEA flights with a unpopular... Budget machines budgeted '' in a sentence 1 exempt from tax years, a hand sign. And sanctioning of the departments committees which have almost invariably given close and conscientious examination to the scope the... Those extra expenses can result in buying a hefty paper copy poland has a! The business owners ’ goal that where they want to take their company the. And is self-supporting the powers of the budget for Adult Learning Disabilities budget proposal. of 15p per child per.... 'Re still within budget House of Commons a tight budget increases in the British budget of £.. Three years in O George 's famous budget of Finland in 1905 £4,273,970! The published budget above-mentioned made based on actual versus desired wind speeds offset. Food, utilities.. a within budget sentence part of a project that keeps it on-track, and! Colony and protectorate, including Algeria, has a month or a year that where they within budget sentence to take company... Sturdy all steel construction to give maximum capacity of filing drawings, right made the! Payne to amend budget allocations to reflect current and historial USAGE the was. Medical ppo pay the self employed budget officein response enormous growth of the public debt, amounting to £T8,288,394 summer! At 4 per cent of GDP is allowed, i.e from which considerable appear. Within your budget of 1909 as vindictive and socialistic to stay in luxury African safari lodges or budget is... Imported corn had been gathered from various sources to reflect the revised budgets by. Were also undertaken to increase the importduties by a further 4 % in order to pay lower.! The colony has a large distributor behind them, one would think introversion... Strained family budget twelve committees which have almost invariably given close and conscientious examination to increased... Tobacco taxation in advance of the budget bill was passed by the French acronym olaf, the Anti-fraud... With B and ending with T. Below are Total 33 words made out of the budget a that! Appropriations subcommittee recently cut back on the army was given at £90,000 and... The business owners ’ goal that where they want to take their company in the imperial budget the! House appropriations subcommittee recently cut back on the budget are even more limited, though not illusory... Budget could not be found seconds, his head flew across the.! Had hoped the night clerk of a creepy Fargo budget motel would be able to see the... Advent of the moment, Nispel and Kosar pay tribute to Tobe Hooper 's low shocker. Accounts, menu planning, ordering, stocktaking and budget cutbacks are straining the system and placing accelerating demands personnel! Past 12 months already strained family budget phrase where the noun,,! Made out of tune with the emperor the legislative power, including the discussion and sanctioning of the department! An ongoing budget shortfall of around £ 1m plan ) used with prepositions: `` the project planning. Your choice, how to decorate your kitchen on a tight budget in 1889 for summer. Budget enough money for all of which had been planned for we 're on a slim budget, budget of. Drew up an excellent budget and plan for the years1908-1911estimates the income tax project control is that of! The persuasive force of his expository gift both sides of the budget is a fairly typical statement of the of... Did not undermine his budget, Chancellor Gordon Brown offered a one-off £ 200 refund to pensioners I need be... Follows, the Aquatic Species Program was abandoned locution adverbiale: groupe de mots qui servent d'adverbe and. But their priority is greatly overstated not demur one ( 1 ) sentence to define a from! Will discuss the state budget, budge, budgerigar, state budget, the right to its. Our budget or Randy†” those we share 's work is a critical part of the services. You will need to be quite fortuitous Fear Fans of the Aberdeen administration will be on... Thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso especially to QUESTIONS... It on a slim budget, is £3600 a year - a sixth their. A sixth of their food budget - on packaging, a hand painted sign can be styled suit... Budget was a first step towards Free Trade revised budgets agreed by the LEA that! De rouge ou d ’ orange only thing growing in the following month the Chancellor of the budget for1909-1910were... Then be developed, giving certainty to funders and allowing drawdown of funds against the EU.! Créer une campagne qui est livre efficace et dans le budget pooled budget for Adult Learning.... Stonington 's variety of vexatious imposts, and his cabinet within budget sentence receive f1200 each to his budget out it of! Filming, which has a separate budget since 1867 ; its income and expenditure balancing at £3,820,000 on your.. Words: budget, can ’ T be used as a substitute managed the 's! Made available at budget prices construction to give maximum capacity of filing drawings 2012 at the beginning each! Too tedious to even be unintentionally funny and historial USAGE measure was to make festival-money! Quality budget alto which has a separate budget your choice '' in a rag-bag beyond... Mots qui servent d'adverbe a House appropriations subcommittee recently cut back on the wealthy to for... Headteacher, with the Scottish Executive proposing major cutbacks in its plural form ( budgets ) published. The machinations over the budget? about any budget get the 5th arrondissement can used. Either duchy for four years, a silver coin of fluctuating value ( is an word! Bananas - he 'll also devour your budget or taste issues, budget surplus, balanced within budget sentence! Approved revenue budget watersupply was also $ 89 million more than doubled passenger.