The instructors love teaching and cybersecurity, and they were truly invested in my success. It provides you with hands on cybersecurity experience that would be hard to get on your own or with any other bootcamp. I don't have any cons on the program, but I do have some for the infosec industry in general that you should be aware of before going down the infosec career path. Bootcamps like Evolve Security Academy are now helping to train the next generation of Cyber Security Professionals. Bitcoin (CCC:BTC) rallied in 2020 as it nearly quadrupled in price from $8,000 in January 2020 to above $31,000 in late December. The bootcamp was an awesome experience that covered a wide range of security topics and vectors throughout the four months of material. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. Evolve Security Academy helped me transition into the cybersecurity space. Master Mike Moses is great and so are the other instructors like Mr. Frank. The class gave you a sense of community within the cybersecurity industry, and it allows you to feel like you are involved in the security community regardless of if you're new to security or if you're coming from a different industry. So pretty much, I started this course with knowing nothing at all. with the skills necessary to succeed in cybersecurity. If you're committed to becoming a cybersecurity professional joining Evolve Security Academy is the absolute best choice you can make. Many of the teachers I learned from were experts in their fields. Evolve gave me the knowledge and opportunity to make a total career change. With over 350,000 unfilled cyber security jobs in the U.S. and 1,000,000 globally, our primary goal is creating top-tier cybersecurity talent and helping launch cybersecurity careers. I had no prior IT experience before joining the bootcamp but the hands-on education with the security tools, the support provided by the instructor and AIs were beneficial to me grasping the knowledge. Curriculum: The curriculum includes modules on the following topics: Introduction to Cybersecurity, Networking, Security Program, OSINT & Social Engineering, Threat Landscape, Scripting for Security, SecOps Architecture, SecOps Threat Modeling, Cryptography, AppSec & Offensive Security, Threat Hunting & Incident Response, Security Apprenticeship, and Job Preparation. Evolve Security Academy is the #1 cyber security bootcamp in the world for a reason. The only thing I would recommend for others to consider is, as this is a boot camp, you will only get as much out of it as you put in. Students learn directly from real world professionals who support your journey daily! I don't have any cons on the program, but I do have some for the infosec industry in general that you should be aware of before going down the infosec career path. Through the program, I was able to drink from the source, literally, and meet and learn from the pros in the industry in a casual, face to face setting. I recommend this program if cybersecurity is your field of choice. Evolve Security Academy was very helpful in every step of the process from learning to job placement. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Evolve Technologies & Services. Looking for an expert Assistant Instructor in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Database Administration, Data Science & Machine Learning? Evolve Security Academy is the #1 rated cyber security bootcamp that offers in-person and remote training. The instructors and content for this bootcamp are excellent. Evolve Security Academy will make sure that you feel supported. Near the end of the cohort I begun to get interviews with zero security experience in my professional background. On average, job-seeking graduates found a position within 79 days. Students may borrow from $2,000 up to $13,000, over the course of 3- or 5-year loans. I want to make it clear that it is career coaching and not job placement, which means they will help you get your resume ready and give you tips/suggestion/methods for securing a job but it is not a job placement program. As Evolve Markets is relatively new and follows the minimalist approach, they offer only one account type. Evolve Security Academy, Inc. What was Angela Marafino's experience at Evolve Security Academy? This is by far the most valuable single course I've ever gone through, purely due to the value of the material we were taught. Evolve's technical training methods are very effective and when coupled with an engaged and willing student are a recipe for success. The resources provided for learning, such as the virtual machines helped save resources on my pc and allowed me to reinforce what I was learning in a safe environment. Lastly, Infosec is always changing and evolving, so prepare yourself for a field where you will need to always be learning. The lecture, the labs, and the Meetups with guest instructors gave me more information and knowledge necessary to gain expertise in the cyber security industry. Bootcamps are held in Chicago, IL and live-online. I especially like the breakroom activities that gives us opportunity to work together in small teams to analyze and solve different tasks. Specialties: Evolve Security is a technical cybersecurity services firm dedicated to improving your security posture where you are most vulnerable. Reviews (1) Add a review. Thinking of applying to Evolve Security Academy? We caught up with Brian Liceaga, the Lead Instructor at Evolve Security Academy in Chicago, to learn about the types of roles graduates get in security, the curriculum at a security bootcamp, and the best meetups, conferences, and podcasts for aspiring security professionals. I highly recommend Evolve to enhance cyber security expertise at any stage of your career. The program was not a piece of cake but with enough determination, patience and with the help of the knowledgeable instructors, I can proudly say that I've done it. The wealth of knowledge that has been put together by Evolve is a fantastic starting point for any beginner, intermediate, or expert in the industry. Digital Marketing, Product Management, Data Analytics, Visual Design, Data Science Immersive, Python Programming, React Development, Software Engineering Immersive - Flex, Data Science Part Time, User Experience Design Part Time. The career couching prepared by this program has also helped after the program has ended and provides good insight for people looking for a job right out of a learning program! Â. I couldn't have asked for a more diverse and intimate group setting albeit it was all online, I feel that I have made very close connections with my classmates through this intricate learning process.I feel that this bootcamp is for everyone even if they aren't looking for a job in cybersecurity as this world is changing and our presence online is becoming more and more prevalent. Evolve Security Academy offers holistic cybersecurity education as well as advanced tracks on specific areas within cybersecurity. It reached a new all-time high above $34,000 in 2021. After the program, I can say that my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously and I feel much more prepared to begin a long career in the cybersecurity field. Evolve Security Academy's primary goal is creating top-tier cybersecurity talent and helping launch cybersecurity careers. Evolve Security Academy Evolve Security Academy V School Code Fellows Coding Dojo Bloc NexGenT Code Platoon. The only thing I would recommend for others to consider is, as this is a boot camp, you will only get as much out of it as you put in. That was the exact moment where I knew that I'd be able to make in this career field. I got a good dose of networking, governance, cryptography, virtualization, threat hunting, incident response, and a bunch of red team tools.