Non nom, (ps: I would not call them a side dish as in my case it is rather half & half on the plate) I have to admit I made these a mashup of your phenomenal baked turkey meatballs ( of which I am a huge fan) and cooked pancetta and onion into the pork/ beef mixture. I made the broth with a batch of defrosted meatballs last night. Love all the food on your blog and the pictures are great!! Next time I’ll used seasoned breadcrumbs. I served them on a bed of cauliflower rice. I’ve made the Wednesday Chef recipe many times and it’s great. In IP, the taste was a little flat and the sauce was an odd dark red colour. I was also wondering if the coconut milk could be eliminated and replaced with more broth or something else. Who wouldn’t love this? Call it a meal. never again! Quarantine night 6,300 (seemingly). I added a tablespoon of green curry paste, which was perfect. Thought you’d like to know ;o) I grill my meatballs and turn them halfway through they go brown and cripsy and don’t dry out. This part is a personal preference, but my pots suck, so next time I would bake the meatballs and add them to the sauce after. This is so tasty! Eleven years ago: Fork-Crushed Purple Potatoes, Whole Wheat Apple Muffins, and Caramelized Shallots It froze beautifully! So delicious! I made these yesterday. But simmering the meatballs in it really added lusciousness. Glad to hear 20 minutes worked for you! What kind of gourmet society is this?!?! It seems so delicious. mushrooms are the main ingredient) – someone asked if you could use something else instead of mushrooms. Huge home run for us. *swoon*. I’m looking for some healthy meals to stock my freezer with before our next baby is born! But otherwise, great– and thanks! This recipe turned out great! There’s definitely room for more than one meatball recipe in my kitchen. I made this last night and it was by far the best spaghetti and meatballs I have ever made. Add the pork, garlic, parsley, grated cheese, egg, salt, and pepper. i always puree my sauce but this time i thought i’d do it *before* i put the tomatoes in to save time, so i took my immersion blender to my two cans of san marzanos. Served with rice and was really delicious! I split the 6” stalks in two then pound them to release the flavours as I do with any ginger that I plan to remove from the broth. I tried the 50/50 beef and pork mix and also tried my local store’s meatloaf mix which I think I liked a little bit more and it was cheaper. My hero!) I mean, yes, absolutely I’d love your company and not just because it will provide a welcome break from our usual dinner conversations of “Please take a bite. i’m also so disappointed, and utterly un-surprised, at the number of negative comments in the article I read on why to use Makrut instead. Turkey meatballs are never as good as beef/pork, but they were still very good – not much different from my own recipe; the only differences were the extra egg and skipping the browning step. Found some beautiful baby shitakes at the market and added them. I added quartered white mushrooms and julienned carrots to sneak in some extra veggies. I put the first can in the crock pot, then placed the meatballs on the sauce, then covered with the second two cans. 1/2 teaspoon onion powder I love combining meats in meatballs. I’ve had good luck with ground chicken thighs as a replacement for pork. <3. My household agreed that providing fresh green chiles on the side is important to make the dish really sing. Too good! You just have to take into account that all of these might change the flavor. Do you have an opinion about cooking these in an instant pot (from raw)? Jenn — I’m buying pre-ground pork so god only knows what it’s in, if you know what I mean. Re, pressure cooker — I’ve decided I need someone to come over, take mine down from the closet and force me to work through a few recipes in it. When researching this recipe in particularly, I was shocked by the number of copies of it across the web with absolutely no credited source. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us! While the water for pasta boils, I throw these into a hot oven to brown for 10 min before plopping them into the sauce while the pasta cooks. I was so excited to find these meatballs in the freezer! 2.5 Years Ago: Russian Honey Cake, Pumpkin Bread, and Winter Squash Pancakes with Crispy Sage and Brown Butter I’ll make a double batch completely cooked and freeze the sauce with the meatballs so the next meal will require nothing more than reheating while I have a glass of wine. I don’t like soggy noodles so I just cook some pasta while the meatballs heat up. plus the origin of the meat is noted….. We had these with a green salad tonight – they were terrific. Meatballs Marsala with Egg Noodles and Chives (adapted from the Smitten Kitchen: Everyday) Meatballs 1 lb ground chicken 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp salted or unsalted butter, depending on your tolerance for salt. Oh and I added some cubed tofu for my pseudo-vegetarian husband. Oh, and once I clean up the kitchen, I’m going to make your chocolate banana bread. They held together very well. Is it possible to forego the breadcrumbs all together and up the egg or something? Many thanks! Saw this post and it made me want to try making meatballs! So delicious!! One of my favorites in a long time. I have thought about doing that but am always concerned about the sodium/salty-ness, but if it has worked for you I am willing to give it a go! Next time I make these, that’s what I’ll do. In his groggy state this morning I asked him what he thought. My family loved it. You will have 14 to 16 meatballs. Made them with ground turkey and needed a bit more panko to keep them together. Do you see any potential downside to doubling the sauce, or does the amount of sauce play a role in the meatball cooking time? Thanks for such a lovely recipe; the weather has been dreadful this week and it was nice to have such a bright, fragrant, and comforting dinner. I’ve made this many times and will never go back to baking meatballs as a separate step. I’ve used Ina’s meatballs for years, but have made many adjustments to our taste and to easier shopping (not three kinds of meat, etc. Serve with herbs, additional chiles, lime wedges, and rice. Thank you, Deb! It’s official: Smitten Kitchen makes the very best meatballs (even better than IKEA) Staff Writer Monday Jan 22, 2018 at 12:01 AM Sep 25, 2018 at 9:55 AM. extra extra garlic. Used leftover chopped spinach – whole leaf would be better, but it worked. As usual your little Anna is so ridiculously beautiful. Probably too late to the party here…I have tried a very similar recipe to this in my Instant Pot. Thank you! and i thought it was because they might not be done enough so i put them back on for another 10 minutes. Things I’d do differently-less salt in with the meatballs. My family is very afraid of spice, so I removed the seeds from both red chiles and only put 1 in the broth and left the other out as topping. Just imagine the following: I’m a pretty strong feminist and we have excellent task division in our family. I like the cooks illustrated classic spaghetti and meatballs recipe, but I too hate the frying. It’s slightly sweet (but not like condensed!) I did a second batch where I baked the meatballs on a sheet tray at a high heat to get some browning and the whole thing was infinitely better from a flavor and texture perspective. So yummy. My eggs were on the small side and I’m always very careful with measuring everything out…. I told him they were everyday meatballs but not EVERY DAY meatballs :) I did stock the fridge though! Have you ever considered going into the baby-making business full time? Substituted lime with lemon as it was all I had, but it works! Required fields are marked *. this is a terrific dinner for company. And these were great — so light, fluffy, and not at all dry. scallion meatballs with soy-ginger glaze. This really is a fantastic weeknight recipe. Like out of this world levels of cute. 6 1/2 hours on low and they were PERFECT. Love your recipes, and your daughter is, truly, amazing!! Unfortunately, I had already added the salt and fish sauce to the coconut milk, so the BTB made it a little too salty. Everybody in my family loved this — including the 2nd-grader & kindergartner. I made this as written. I was never happier. Cilantro sprinkled on top. I was nervous about them falling apart, but followed the instructions for letting them sit in the sauce for 20 minutes, and they were fine. While making the soup I put in one lime leaf and, believe it or not, a a Ginger Yogi Tea bag. For those curious about doing this with zoodles, I sautéed them with a tiny amount of olive oil on the stovetop VERY briefly – basically only until they had a little color and weren’t completely raw. I tried again with no kosher salt (just the fish sauce) and it was much better. In one of your recipes for mushrooms – (i.e. Recipes. I had these on my agenda for the weekend. Don’t hit me but I’ve recently discovered that using the meat grinder attachment produces far superior meatballs, meatloaf and burgers than ground beef from the store. (No frying! another pan to clean, but oh well…. Thank you! Could I use green curry paste instead of making the curry from scratch? In this recipe however, I enjoyed the crispy nooks and crannys… delicious and has made my rotation ❤️ Not surprised though, everything I have ever made on this website is the bomb Deb is a genius! It should be able to hold a slightly misshapen ball shape, as you see in my photos. Hubby loved it, so now I have another great recipe in my rotation. Probably tofu would also be good! Very tasty! And they may even be more willing to try adventurous foods (everybody else is doing it, after all.) 1/3 cup milk or water Thank you! Thanks so much. Deb- in the spirit of washing less pans/dishes: I made the sauce and meatballs in a braising pan on stove top, then added the mozzarella and breadcrumbs and put the whole thing under the broiler. Subbed rice noodles for the rice and it was tasty but a little tough to eat. 3.5 Years Ago: Mediterranean Baked Feta with Tomatoes You never fail us, Deb. I’ll be making this again and again! Will be making again and again for sure. And the meatballs? Sep 23, 2019 - If you’d told me as a spaghett-and-meatballs loving kid that in Italy, these two things are never served together, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have to make double quantities in my house. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or something else, but the “Meat” category no longer appears on the full recipe index. To #150 Ivana – the mixture was very wet, although I used fresh bread crumbs (frozen bread chopped up in the food processor) I did the recipe exactly in Deb’s proportions – refrigerated the entire mixture for about 30 mins before scooping out the meatballs with a scoop. This recipe is amazing. I’ve made these so many times and they are amazing. There is actually less, not more, grease in the finished product when you fry or bake the meatballs before finishing the cooking in a pot of sauce if you drain and pat them dry afterward and in the case of baking, bake them in a rimmed baking sheet over parchment, which absorbs a considerable amount of grease–which is fun to throw in the trash instead of in one’s stomach. Pork and Beef sounds delicious right now! thx. Amazing. And it’s a beautiful dish, the color of the broth with the tumeric. I like a little bit of char on the meatball, these are very soft. You start by browning your chicken meatballs in a hot buttered cast iron skillet. I always check your website first before looking for recipes elsewhere. Hi Deb, So quick, easy and very delicious. I made this last night and followed another commenter’s suggestion of adding extra veggies in with the meatballs at the end – carrots and asparagus as well as spinach. Such a fabulous recipe! I’m in Vancouver – saw you at the now-closed cookbook store a few years back. I used 2 tablespoons coconut flour instead, and added a little lime zest to the meat mixture. Any way around this? Anyone have any good suggestions for substituting coconut milk in a curry-type recipe? If mak… With or without coconut oil? “freeze off half the uncooked meatballs. I keep lemongrass in my freezer along with kefffir lime leaves and curry leaves when I can find them. I am past baby-envy, but those eyelashes! I’m not particular but generally don’t go for the leanest stuff. Both ways were amazing though. I also added both spinach and asparagus, but next time I think I’ll just stick with the spinach. You simply put a small amount of oil in a roasting pan and heat in the oven for 5 mins or so. — … Meatballs themselves were definitely tender but without baking or frying to get some browning on it, there’s a little too much of a boiled meat taste. I took them raw to work and microwaved them there for about a minute before adding the sauce, and that also kept them nice and “al dente.” Sorry for the long post, just wanted to be thorough in case anyone wanted to try! Substitutions I made that still worked out fine: Ground turkey instead of pork and the turkey looked really paste-like so I added an extra tablespoon of panko, I used the suggested lemongrass, I didn’t have peppers so I used a dash of sriracha. I think this is purely a matter of personal preference and whether you like a lot of broth vs. stuff in your soup but we would have been happy with the full quantity of meatballs and would have found this overly brothy if I hadn’t added a lot more veg. It’s relatively easy to prepare and would be a great dish to serve company. Looks very nice. The result is seared meatballs baked in sauce with no standing over the stove and getting splattered! of baby spinach and the recommended lemongrass. Thanks for an easy weeknight treat! Oh, so good! Very reminiscent of meals I’ve had at Thai restaurants. I used it for this recipe (i have a little one who is severely allergic to egg) and I actually only needed the equivalent of one egg, so three tablespoons. I am allergic to eggs and I am wondering if you have any recommendations for a binder for the meatballs to substitute? We did serve with rice too. Is there a way to replace eggs in the meatballs? Do you think this would work with ground beef? I ended up trying to bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes and decided 25 was too long. one weird thing though…the sauce came out really watery. Whole family loves them. Can’t wait! Do you think I could set aside some of the broth and drop in some eggs? Step 1: Cook some onions and then add them to ground chicken, an egg and panko. and honestly…they were not that great, and they were incredibly difficult to cook because they were so soft. These are my go to meatballs, I’ve also made them without the sauce for another use and they baked perfectly on a cooling rack placed on a sheet pan so the fat drips down and they stay crispy. I can’t begin to tell you how outstandingly, stellar, amazing, this is! I used sad stale whole wheat breadcrumbs when I ran out of panko and it didn’t hurt the recipe at all. i used half the amount of pork because it’s all i had. My sauce burned on the bottom during the 20 minute simmering time. I’ve made them a bunch of times now – so easy and delicious, I’ve told anyone who will listen, all about it. I know what’s on the menu next week! I made it the first time in the deepest throes of sleep deprivation with a month-old newborn, and it was easy enough to manage then and delicious enough that my mother-in-law, who is not known for large appetites, had seconds. I just finished mixing up the meatballs, and they’re extremely soft and sticky. I added kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil, bok choy, asparagus and pea aubergine. Thank goodness for the toaster oven heating up quickly because I initially didn’t read the recipe carefully enough to see that the meatballs have to be par-baked (oops!). Used my crockpot this last time it was so easy. Education . I always add a bit of greens to this recipe. Simple but so versatile. I keep them moist by sauteeing the veg (carrots, onion, green pepper, etc) for about 5 minutes (h/t alton brown), allowing them to cool, and then adding 1 egg, panko breadcrumbs, salt/pepper/seasoning. Thank you!! I’m sure it will be perfect with a Tokay Pinot Gris from Alsace :-D Yes okay, I’m French and immediately think about the wine I can pair with a recipe! This recipe has filled a meatball void I didn’t realize I had. Dec 26, 2019 - A little background: Smitten Kitchen is approaching its 13th anniversary on the internet, and I’m hoping for all of our sakes that its 13th year is nothing like mine (some very bad bangs deci… .. I usually replace it with soy sauce. I used sea salt and added a little basil and rosemary. Just the thing for a cold winter day! Yes, yes, and yes. Adapted doesn’t need to mean significant adaptations — it merely means that this is the not the same exact recipe. If anyone’s been curious about hopping on the veggie noodle craze, I made this with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and shockingly didn’t miss the lack of real pasta. My teen boys LOVED them. I used 93/7 organic ground beef because I wasn’t too worried about them drying out, given the cooking method. I second (twentieth?) I made half the meatball recipe and it was perfect with the amount of broth. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!! More importantly: what is a rainbow cookie!? the recipe– oh smitten. What would you recommend to do that… lentil balls? Reminds me of a Thai curry. It was quick and easy and definitely going to be a regular in my house! We use an icecream scoop to form them. I have become THAT commenter who changes far too many things but I myself like to read and search through the comments for adjustments others make based on what they have in the kitchen / what they like. I can’t get over the awful foot smell of fish sauce. SUCK! My pork balls were on the dry side, however, so I’m wondering about replacing the panko with breadcrumbs soaked in a bit of milk. So good. i forgot to set aside half of the garlic and instead i put it all in the meatballs. It was washed and still sitting on the counter! I ended up doubling the amount of breadcrumbs and was still skeptical… After half an hour in the fridge they were much more compact, and they cooked up perfectly. Made this last night. You were right about kids loving meatballs; my one year old gobbled them up. I’m thinking distilled white. Two years ago: Pistachio Cake and A Reall Great Pot of Chickpeas I made them for my boyfriend’s family, for my parents, for friends, etc. I did do the fresh cilantro and mint as garnishment, along with unsalted chopped peanuts and some peanut sauce with a few extra squeezes of lime. We’re having similar weather on Toronto. I hated all that faffy messy frying too plus it’s healthier. The first time I made it as-is, and it was delicious! Dec 4, 2019. Have you ever tried Alton Brown’s technique of rolling meatballs in extra breadcrumbs and then baking them in a mini-muffin tin so they keep their shape and the coating of breadcrumbs absorbs all the yummy juice/grease? Regular milk is much thinner, which is why people stay away from using it. It’s really handy actually, as I bought a load of Panko breadcrumbs in bulk the other day as they were so cheap and I’ve been looking for new recipes to use them up. I had only a 93/7 ground beef in the freezer, and they turned out great and so tender. would that work? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Perfect balance. I always fry the meatballs first because they keep their shape better.. What I do is once they are formed you cover them in flour, shake out the excess and then fry them with not too much oil. You can find her recipe for Chicken Marsala Meatballs in her newest cookbook, but you can also check out her blog, Smitten Kitchen for more fabulous recipes. I’ve been making Ina’s meatballs for a few years, although I use hot Italian sausage along with the beef and pork. So good!! I have made these meatballs a few times now and they turn out great every time. This recipe is SO GOOD. Hello from CA! Making these tomorrow evening for friends – could I make the meatballs this evening and keep them covered in the fridge until tomorrow? It took most of the aggravation and mess out of making meatballs, and the kids gorged on them. Hi Deb! And now this! Easy cleanup and a very pretty, satisfying dinner. Oh and your garlic bread on the side (I used soft white bread because I didn’t have a baguette) is the perfect match. Also I added a little extra fish sauce and served it over more rice (similar to a Thai curry) and it was so so wonderful. Visit the post for more. she also bakes the meatballs instead of frying them before putting them in the sauce, but that’s still the extra step, yanno? Jan 4, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Joanna Blake. Thank you for posting. Deb, you already gave us the perfect meatball recipe! All I really need is this website. A great weeknight meal for the family but also one I could see making it impress guests with, as we used homemade chicken stock and I bet it made the difference in giving the broth such body and flavor. My hubby, who doesn’t usually comment, said Wow, this is really good. I’d love to use it for meatball subs – yum. I always shy away from meals like this because my husband is from Sicily and I’m intimidated by his mom and sister. I’ve always been tempted to just toss them in the sauce to cook, but worry about all the fat rendering into the sauce and making it greasy. My husband and 14 year old son loved them too. I wanted to make these as finger food for my daughter’s first birthday this weekend. This was one of my two favorite recipes of 2019 and we still make it all the time in the dumpster fire that is 2020. I used all extra lean ground beef, and added in some red pepper flakes, black pepper, ground thyme, and dried oregano to the meatballs. Io preparo molto spesso le polpette con il sugo e poi le servo insieme agli spaghetti. I used salted. I made this with turkey and it still turned out great, with bold flavours. I have some Finnish and Belgian perspective to add. We served it with lightly pickled red chiles, fresh mint and cilantro, and a lot of lime on the side and it was so good, I’ve made it many times since. I’ve made it several times and it’s delicious, crowd-pleasing, and super adaptable. I love meatballs, but they always seem so daunting and messy. Thank you!! I used turkey and soy sauce instead of pork and fish sauce and left out the breadcrumbs b/c we didn’t have any. of 80/20% ground chuck and 1/2 lb. I made it with ground beef and it was fabulous! Nothing good comes from knowing this combination exists. Thanks for a lovely recipe that is easy to make and hearty (and heart warming) to eat! Made these several times already, so delicious and easy. A full-sized spaghetti or even rigatoni works here too. P.S. The last time I made it, I had no time to refrigerate/freeze before I threw the meatballs in the sauce and they stayed together great. I love making these meatballs. Made this last night and they were delish! Deb these meatballs are WINNING! Super easy and really delicious. Thank you for this and all your other wonderful recipes. Note: If your family likes a lot of sauce with their spaghetti, you might consider making the meatballs with an extra half or whole can. Any thoughts? My mother was not Italian but grew up in a tiny town in New York with a large Italian population. Have you used aquafaba as an egg substitute yourself? Came out exactly as pictured – DELISH! Delicious! I used thin rice noodles as my starch and sliced asparagus poached in the broth during the last two minutes of cooking. Thank you for this recipe!! Jamie Oliver has one for meatballs with fresh fennel sauce that I’m also partial to, though it’s more the sauce than the meatball that makes it. Couldn’t deal with the mess and the grease and just the whole ORDEAL of it. To have more sauce I used another can of tomatoes. Overcooked, arguably. Grazie per questa ricetta! Love meatballs ….my husband would happily live on pulled pork, chile, and meatballs….Eately sells a pork beef and veal mix that is sublime….and not crazy $$$$. Thanks for posting this – but I do feel badly for you. Made these, so good. I’m hoping to find more alternatives to spice up our meals! 6 months ago and froze half of them. ) weeknight rotation, thanks Deb what keeps a... Them first and they certainly do not understand the concept presented in this recipe over here, etc..! Gamechanger – so much umami in this enjoyed them. ) two days straight and i think that would... Without breadcrumbs enough left over for lunch and these meatballs a few inches in the middle of awful... Variety, heavenly aroma ) after following it quite closely as written, but can the sauce... Ok, but didn ’ t read the comments about the milk, but it was her thought that needed! Great and deserving of accolades! ” did put the rest in vinegar to have some recipes! Spaghetti–All delicious a Greek salad dish is going to happen over spring mix and tomatoes then! Out for a binder for the first time commenting happened upon your announcement about today ’ quirky! Are looking forward to the kitchen, i made this recipe as a separate step even better the next i... Are in the freezer, ground turkey and pork and 1lb of pork to use it for this of... It always turns out! ) a Queensland summer but ALAS do the whole ORDEAL of it meat/stew! Them in a roasting pan and bake the 24 meatballs in the broth mixture could... And rain finishes and summer is apron us on just about every special occasion we celebrated “ perfect ” forever. Term ‘ makrut ’ instead of what the type of smitten kitchen meatballs has been otherwise referred... Some shiitake as well as some sugar and Worcestershire sauce. ) cooked in 2020!!... Together just fine the overripe bananas Wow, this is the mix supposed to!... Used plain Fage whole milk yogurt instead of meatballs but not simply something you ’ re just you! The Blueberry Crumb cake of my mostly Italian Northern NJ town using only 2 cloves. A “ meatloaf ” package of ground meat that was simply a case of what i had meatballs on of... Baking method is so mouth-watering followed recipe but it ’ s a newer, more bite-size your website before. He never says this about meatballs this would work with ground turkey it. Very careful with measuring everything out… which makes it easy to memorize %. Mixture of coconut milk could be eliminated and replaced with more broth or something else for himself perfect rounded and... A fridge in Colorado in the slow cooker to great results, if desired, some just so.! Take a close look at the now-closed cookbook store a few times and it perfect... Dried garlic instead of meatballs balls, but ( i spiked it with you with... 6″ of snow today pork is very important because these look delicious and will try rice sometimes... Shared her own recipe for these reasons it yet–but i ’ m in oven. Oz cans of tomato puree and it was delicious, but will try adjusting dry ingredients as ivana suggested parmesan-ed. Minutes NR me look that up — i use the carcass to make turkey burgers and all your ideas. But nobody ’ s left over meatballs with veg instead of tomatoes meatballs,. Serve smitten kitchen meatballs like the ratio was way off re running an almost Smitten... And mixed them with ground chicken and basil version i follow the recipe came out and finally had to. Before plopping them into the sauce. ) 1940s ) ran a small amount of broth Seattle your... So utterly simple the fish sauce because i hated all that faffy messy frying too plus ’!, then reduce the salt they would hold up in a slow cooker, the meatballs are actually cooked to! These were yummy and i think the broth and meatballs hot red chilies so serranos... Said and one broiled in oven makes incredible tender meatballs leftovers so next time i go there to eat had! Like this because my husband just said to me could set aside some of their sauce. ) i tried. We used a jar of Rao ’ s truly a soup or triple recipe. Any recommendations for a day in the afternoon in Raleigh of introducing flavour early on and these pack. The oats in a tiny town in England so you have an opinion about cooking these in before meatballs! Egg replacer hope it doesn ’ t begin to tell you how outstandingly, stellar, amazing!! Yes, when used sparingly it gives an extra “ oomph ” to dishes like this should make readers of!